Our Copywriting Services

Specialist SEO Copywriting

Specialist SEO copywriting makes your website deliver; yes, visitors... but more importantly, sales!

“Just had to let you know the client achieved 130% of last month’s sales in the first 36 hours! Great copy. Good work.” ~ Must Have Marketing. SEO Strategist.

SEO copywriting takes skill. It’s one thing to get the machines to find you and quite another to achieve actual sales.

We work with the best SEO strategists money can buy and you could say we’ve learned a trick or two. The best strategists know it’s not just about keywords; it’s about the sales funnel and the words to keep the prospect moving through your website to the point of purchase.

That’s where we come in. Not just adding keywords, but really working smarter strategies to their ultimate fruition. If you want more sales from your website, talk to us.

Blog and Article Writing

Blog and article writing positions you as an ‘industry leader’. And we follow industry leaders’ advice.

“You made it sound like I’d written it myself. I’d give you the credit you deserve but it would kind of defeat the whole purpose.” ~ Corporate Speaker.

The whole point about writing clients’ blogs is to make it seem like they wrote it. That’s not always true for articles but hey – if you get the credit, we don’t mind.

Our job is to position you as an authority; sometimes that means writing in a third person ‘interview’ style, and sometimes that means writing ‘as you’. Plenty of people know their businesses and topics well but can’t easily write – that’s why they use us.

So whether you want a professionally written article about you, or an entertaining blog that is you – we’ll do the job… and keep your secrets too. Get in touch.

Brochures and Print Copy

Brochures and print copy still works. In the selling process, you need powerful collateral to do its job.

“The first time the agent used us, I asked how many people he wanted through the open home. He wanted 50. He got 100.” ~ Cara Tipping Smith, Copy Carats.

The supermarkets will tell you we still make instant purchase decisions. Your brochure or print copy in the right place and the right time drives sales. So long as you do it well.

We work with you to identify the right message for the specified target audience – understanding what drives their decision and making sure you’re giving them what they want. It’s about creating true desire; desire to start a conversation and desire to view.

No matter how you dress it up, no matter how much money you throw at it, poor messages don’t work. For more effective brochures and print copy, talk to us.

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing has to be smarter than ever to keep up; in print, online and increasingly in texts.

“That email copy is really doing the job. We can personalise it exactly as you’ve templated and it sounds like it’s fresh every time.” ~ Private Insurance Company.

Direct marketing can be tricky, but whether it’s a text messaging campaign, a series of automated emails, or a mail drop – it needs to be in your ‘voice’.

We can write the sequenced messages that step your prospects through to conversion, or give you a template with instructions on where and how to personalise it. Either way, you’re sure those key messages are never left out and it’s still authentically you.

For direct marketing copy that drives results, talk to us. We even have the partners to give you the print, graphics, web, text messaging and mailing tools you need.

Specialist Writing

Technical writing has to convince the technicians and the cheque writers. We know how to do both.

“Wow, again! …Thank you, your ability to absorb technical information has surprised me!” ~ Dr SungHoon Im, Coherent Solutions.

Specialist and technical writing covers a huge swathe of specialisms but a good copywriter is capable of understanding the detail, and making your story sell.

In technical and specialist sales, you have to persuade the user and the cheque writer. What we do is listen very carefully and translate your awesome features into the kinds of benefits their CFO can’t afford to pass up.We get that technical writing has a steep learning curve; the good news is that the more you work with us – the faster we get. Start talking to us now.

B2B Copywriting

When you’re tendering or touting for sales opportunities, winning the business starts early.

B2B copywriting needs to engage from the outset. It’s not just about providing a solution; it’s about putting together a complete and compelling argument that can’t be ignored.

Our job is to write that argument, laden with potential, affirm you as the best supplier and get your customers talking to you to find out more. We do it for tender responses, pitching documents, company profiles, your sales collateral and your website.

People buy from people, so your B2B copywriting needs to be likeable, authentic and persuasive – just as your salespeople are. We make that happen.


The right words read naturally, and get the message across. Every second matters. Use it well.

“It’s always about timing. If it’s too soon, no one understands. If it’s too late, everyone’s forgotten.” ~ Anna Wintour

In scriptwriting, timing is everything. You need to set the pace that will carry your audience’s understanding with you right to the very end.

Whether you need scriptwriting for radio advertising, important presentations and speeches or for animated video ‘how to’ guides, we deliver. And because it’s scripted, you know it will work to time and deliver all of your key messages in the right order.

And if you need help to record it professionally or imaging – we can put you in touch with the expertise you need, at the right price.

Writing Ad / Sales copy

For the single most important tip on increasing your sales from advertising click here.

Hire a professional copywriter.

Yes. That is the single most important tip for successful advertising. Hire one with significant experience and a proven track record.

“On the average, five times as many people read the headlines as read the body copy. It follows that unless your headline sells your product, you have wasted 90 percent of your money…” ~ David Ogilvy

“The secret of all effective advertising is not the creation of new and tricky words and pictures, but one of putting familiar words and pictures into new relationships.” ~ Leo Burnett

“Nobody reads ads. People read what interests them. Sometimes it’s an ad.“ ~ Howard Gossage

Talk to us about making your ads something people want to read. Do it today.

Meet Cara

Effective marketing is first and foremost about getting the message right. No matter how you dress it up, no matter how much money you throw at it, poor sales and advertising messages don’t work.

Effective copywriting is the foundation of all great marketing. It’s like a diamond; in the rough, not so appealing but once cut and polished, its value is enhanced. Great copy is built on four essential cornerstones of marketing:

  1. Clarity – clear messages that leave no room for confusion.
  2. Colour – likeable messages that draw people in.
  3. Cut – messages that cut through and get attention.
  4. Carat – messages that carry weight; offer meaningful value for people.

But my role is more than writing great copy. It is also about helping business owners understand how their marketing can be made much more effective. It’s about giving you the tools, resources and skills that will make you much more marketing savvy, and ultimately more self-sufficient and successful.